Sunday 28 October 2018

Race Rules


After careful consideration and in consultation with local authorities, due to Health and Safety and logistical concerns on the course, all forms of wheeled conveyance including but not limited to wheelchairs, cycles, roller blades, prams/buggies, skate-boards etc are not permitted to enter or participate in the event.

The 5km Challenge is a family friendly event and will therefore allow baby buggies/prams to be used in this event ONLY. The occupant of the baby buggy cannot walk in the event and will not be charged an entry fee.

Accompanying animals are not allowed on the course.

Non-registered persons are not allowed to accompany participants in the event.


In the interest of providing a safe and enjoyable event experience for all entrants please take in to account the following;

  • Keep to the left of the course to allow people to pass on the right
  • Be courteous to your fellow participants at all times
  • Please obey instructions from race officials, volunteers and traffic management at all times


In order to ensure a smooth start for all runners, seeded start zones will be in place at the start line of each event. Entrants are asked to assemble in the appropriate zone depending on their expected finish time. All walkers must be at the end of the start line to ensure runners are not hindered. Please look for the expected finish time signage marked in the start area.


Timing mats will be located at all start lines and at the finish line. 

Additionally, Marathon runners will receive a split time at 5km intervals, and at the half way point.

Half marathon runners will receive a split time at 5km intervals.

Disposable timing chips are attached to the back of your race number and will record your time. Timing chips do not need to be returned.

Placegetter results only will be published for each race on the Info Desk Board at the finish line. All timing results will be available online by age group category and will be based on participant's mat time. 

Start line happy

Gear Bag Drop

gear bags

There will be a bag drop service available at the start area of each race, except the Barfoot & Thomspon Kids Marathon.

Only official event gear bags can be used at bag drop (i.e. not a sports bag) and must be accompanied by the race number bag tag sticker given at Athlete Check-in. Please ensure your race bag has the race tag sticker attached before you drop it off at the designated bag drop area. Any gear left at the start lines or discarded and left at any point on the course will be collected and donated to Charity. You must NOT drop any gear at aid stations or anywhere on the course for later retrieval.

Your official event gear bag will be transported to the finish line at Victoria Park and will be available for you to collect when you complete your race. Please collect your bag by 2pm Sunday 29th October 2017 before you leave the Event Hub. Any remaining gear will be donated to Charity.

Aid Stations

Well supported aid stations are located on course for all distances. Aid stations will provide water and POWERADE sports drink, toilet facilities and first aid. There will be 11 aid stations on the marathon course (6 of these also provide flat Coke), 5 on the half marathon course, 3 on the 12km course and 2 on the 5km course. Please refer to course maps for aid station locations.

Pace Runners

There will be Pace Team Leaders for participants wanting to run a specific time. Each Pace Team Leader will be wearing a helium balloon and a Pace time on the back of their t-shirts. There will be one person running as a Pace Team Leader targeting the following Pace Times:


Please note Pace times depend on Pace Team Leader availability.

Personal Drinks

All Personal drinks must be clearly labelled and delivered to Athlete Check-in at The Cloud prior to 5:00pm Saturday 27 October.

All Personal refreshment must be generic and cannot be specific to an individual aid station, as the organisers cannot guarantee that these will be delivered in the correct order. Marathon runners will need to supply 11 and half marathon runners will need to supply 5.

Runners are encouraged to mark bottles with a ribbon or colour for easy identification.

No glass or metal bottles will be accepted.

Spectator Info



To ensure your support crew, family and friends can see you out there on the event course and cheer you on, we have identified the best spectator viewing locations. Click here to view the Spectator Map so you can familiarise yourself with the best way to get around the course as a spectator and the access points for spectators.

Please note this information is subject to change in 2018.


We will provide detailed Event Road Closure Information in October, 2018.


Join us at the finish line area to relax in the surrounds of Victoria Park. Here you can see participants finish, soak up the event atmosphere and indulge food and beverage options. We have invited a variety of food truck vendors along to keep your full and hydrated throughout the day so you can sit back, relax and enjoy!