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Tips to avoid those uncomfortable running injuries

9 September 2019
Tips to avoid those uncomfortable running injuries

Seasoned runners will be familiar with the blisters, chaffing, cramp and sprains which start to become more frequent when you increase your running.

If you're new to running (or if you just haven't found the right way to combat them), Gaz Brown from GetRunning has some great tips...



1. Make sure you get the right socks for your feet and shoes. They need to be tight enough so you don't slip but loose enough so they don't strangle your feet. Test out different options during training and the best ones will become your lucky race day pair!

2. If you're prone to blisters (no matter the sock), use lambs wool or vaseline between your toes - these will provide a protective/gliding layer over your skin.



1. The number one reason for cramp? Extending yourself on race day to levels you haven't trained to. If Sunday 20 October is going to be your first running event, be sensible about your race pace. Don't go out too quick because come the last quarter of your run, your muscles will be screaming at you!

2. Ensure you are taking on enough water and electrolyte along the way. Everyone is different but generally, if you sweat more you'll need to take on more. There are aid stations every 3 - 4km and these are stocked with water and Powerade electrolyte so you don't need to run with a hydration pack (unless you are comfortable with one).



1. If you get chaffing while training, you'll be likely to get it twice as much on race day. Make sure you put anti-chaffing cream anywhere that you've experienced it while training.

2. Sometimes anit-chaffing cream isn't enough. Use something like strapping tape or blister protection plasters.



You just need to watch your step! Most sprains happen if you misjudge a curb or when you are starting to get a bit fatigued so keep an eye on the ground when you can.


Sun, 01 Nov 2020