Sunday 20 October 2019

Those who have completed 5 or more Auckland half marathons or marathons (not a combination of both) are eligible to be inducted into the Hall of Fame as Roadsters. They will receive a permanent race number in perpetuity. Please check the Roadster Marathon and Roadster Half Marathon lists for the current Roadster Hall of Fame and to check your Roadster number. 

If you can please check that your information is correct and that you are included on this list.  We are trying to get our historical Roadsters data as accurate as possible.  If changes are needed email

Marathon Roadsters         Half Marathon Roadsters

If you think you qualify for Roadster status please submit your application via the Roadster application form by the Sunday 1st September 2019. In the weeks following the closure of applications we will confirm the new athletes to be admitted to the Roadster Hall of Fame which will be published here to let you know your new permanent bib number. 

We'd like to congratulate our newest members to the Roadster Hall of Fame, view the full list here.

Please note your Roadster number is not automatically allocated when you qualify by participating in 5 or more marathons or half marathons. It is up to the participant to submit their application when they believe they are eligible.

Please note you must apply for your roadster number no later than midnight Sunday 1st September 2019. It is each Roadsters responsibility to complete the online registration process correctly. If you fail to select the Roadster option when entering online you will receive a generic bib number rather than your personal Roadster number.

If you have any questions regarding your Roadster application please contact us at