Sunday 03 November 2024

Road Closures & By-Pass Routes

Use the map to view all event road closures, times and by-pass routes (A - D) scheduled for race-day, Sunday 3 November 2024, unless stated otherwise. Please note, the Auckland Harbour Bridge is open both ways however expect delays due to two southbound lanes being closed.

Contingency Course - in the event of adverse weather or any other consideration causing the Auckland Harbour Bridge to be closed to participants, only the following roads will be closed Sunday 2am - 5pm: Fanshawe St (from Beaumont St to Halsey St); Halsey St; Viaduct Harbour Ave; Customs St West (from Viaduct Harbour Ave to Lower Hobson St); Lower Hobson St; and Quay St. The following roads will be closed Sunday 4am - 4pm: Tamaki Dr (from The Strand to Goldie St).

The event organisers would like to thank all residents and businesses for their ongoing co-operation and support of this event. If you have any queries, please contact us at or call (09) 601 9590.

All road closures and times are subject to change.

* Click on the routes for more information

Parking Restrictions

Any vehicles parked on the below roads during the specified times may be towed.

Victoria Rd Saturday 2pm - Sunday 11am   From King Edward Pde, extending south for approx. 70m
King Edward Pde Saturday 2pm - Sunday 11am Both sides from Victoria Rd to Church St
Church St, Vauxhall Rd, Old Lake Rd, Hamana St, Seacliffe Ave, Winscombe St Sunday 5am - 9am Both sides
Lake Rd Sunday 4am - 10am In front of Takapuna Grammar School
Northboro Rd Sunday 4am - 10am Both sides
Bracken Ave Sunday 4am - 10am

Whole southern side
Northern side from Burns Ave, extending east for approx. 40m

Burns Ave, Auburn St Sunday 5am - 9am Both sides
Taharoto Rd, Dominion St, Puriri St, Karaka St Sunday 5am - 9am Both sides
Halsey St Friday 9am - Sunday 10pm

Western side between Fanshawe St and Victoria St

Halsey St Sunday 2am - 3pm Eastern side between Fanshawe St and Victoria St
Victoria Park carpark Saturday 2pm - Sunday 10pm Victoria Park flyover carpark off Beaumont St
Shelly Beach Rd Sunday 4am - 12pm Eastern side from Sarsfield St to the off-ramp
Sarsfield St Sunday 4am - 12pm Both sides
Emmett St Sunday 4am - 12pm Nothern side
Curran St Sunday 4am - 12pm

From Sarsfield St to Westhaven Dr

Westhaven Dr, Halsey St, Quay St, Beaumont St, Viaduct Harbour Ave, Jellicoe St, Lower Hobson St Sunday 2am - 2pm

Both sides

Madden St Saturday 3pm - Sunday 2pm Both sides between Halsey St and Daldy St
Customs St West Saturday 10pm - Sunday 2pm Both sides
Tamaki Dr Sunday 4am - 12pm Both sides from Ngapipi Rd to Maheke St
Ronaki Rd Sunday 6am - 1pm
Both sides from Marau Cres, extending South for approx. 100m
Sun, 03 Nov 2024